Friday, September 28, 2007

Issue of the Week

What is the new Coca Cola Corporate Campaign launched this week supposed to mean? Are they trying to cover their arse over the pesticide issue? Are they trying to show they are a Responsible Corporate Citizen of India? Or is it that McCann suddenly decided to give a twist to the successful "Happiness Factory" and Indianize it with "Little Drops of Joy." Why a Corporate Campaign for gawd's sake?



Kapil said...

Two thoughts:

1.An attempt to tell people that cola drinking is such a soulful experience. Children will tell parents "Lets share joy, let's have cola".

2.A desperate attempt to tell people that even the water you drink (Kinely) is made by us. I am not sure if people really cared about it anyways.

To me, I really didn't understand the need of this campaign.

pooR_Planner said...

Good answer Kapil, lol. I seriously didn't understand the need for this campaign suddenly in the middle of nowhere. I don't know if Coke has started losing overall share of the market. Or is it McCann just wanted to make up for some lost revenue for this quarter. Whatever it is, it makes no sense et all.