Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kolkata is a plastic free city

Dad has come to meet me in Bangalore. I'm happy and even more happier because he shared a wonderful news with me. Kolkata has banned usage of plastic bags in the city. Good to hear small things happening back at home. Kolkata - the City of Joy will surely become a happier city very soon. The state government has passed a bill, banning usage of plastic bags in the city and imposed severe fine on people who disobey the law. The municipal corporation is keeping a strict vigil on the city dwellers. People have started using recycled newspaper/paper - 'thonga' as we call it in Bengali is back by popular demand.

As part of green marketing, I think retailers and grocers across India should immediately start implementing the same. Two clear benefits of using recycled paper bags - 1) keep your city green 2) wonderful opportunity to generate employment.

Yay, there's lot to learn from Kolkata.

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