Friday, October 26, 2007

metaphor, metonymy and belief

We all know why we love our industry, isn't it? The challenge of real time problem, the excitement of finding a solution that will move people, new cross-category learning, knowing more about people and their lives, finding out how and what will make their lives better, cracking a strategy that will shake people and sometime force them to take notice, a 30 seconder that will become talk of town; the list is endless. And we love doing what we do.

As a planner, I try to inspire myself from the everyday life of everyday people. Look around, stare at things, roam about searching for something interesting and keep asking myself why. So while I was busy doing this, it sparked a thought in me and I wanted to validate, if it makes sense. I did write about it here and here, however after exchanging few email with The John Grant, I realized, maybe I was not thinking in the right direction, maybe I wasn't very clear with what I was trying to achieve in the end. John gave a twist (a new direction) to it saying that I was trying to tackle three things at the same time - Metaphor, Metonymy and Belief. I just received his book "After Image" by post from Amazon which makes me immensely happy at the moment.

So working on a problem which is quiet similar to Fair & Lovely or Fairever, though a different category, I was observing the few 'Change Points' taking place in rural or semi-urban India. At a cultural level the old assumptions of Accepting Destiny giving way to Changing Destiny. The insight for "fairness" cream category is deeply rooted in these cultural/societal change. Whether it is the groom coming to impress the bride (Fairever's role reversal communication) or the daughter getting a job as an air hostess due to her fair skin (Fair & Lovely's beti is the new beta), it is these metaphors and beliefs that will give a new meaning to brand communication.

So here is a great example of user generated content to the fairness concept and a new meaning to it.

I love the insight - Your complexion is your legacy. Immediately it gives you wings to do interesting stuff.

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