Friday, November 23, 2007

building a flying brand

Office work is keeping me busy these days. No time to blog, read or party. Anyway, I was working on a project and had to present a case study to one of my client. After spending time to understand his needs and things needed to make a real case study that is interesting, add value to his business plan, I found Kingfisher to be the perfect example.

Now, if you go by the books of marketing then Kingfisher seems to be the only Indian brand that surely is flying. I mean a holistic brand that has managed to capture the heart and head of people. You might ask how? Well, Kingfisher has managed to create a strong aura around itself. It took them several years and now Kingfisher is truly flying. A great example of brand building using all sensory touch point (The Martin Lindstrom Theory, ha!)

So it goes something like this:

NDTV Kingfisher Channel - A true case of disruption in media. For the first time a TV channel and brand together brings great content for the changing urban India. A win-win situation for both. NDTV gets more viewership. Kingfisher gets to hammer its brand message. (Co-marketing is the new marketing mantra. Expect a post on it soon. And don't confuse it with co-promotion)
  • Sensory Point - Eye and ear
  • Eye - The constant display of the Kingfisher logo
  • Ear - Different rendition of "Oooh lala looo"

Kingfisher Airline - What a brilliant example of diversification. That beside the point, the Experience of KF Air has changed the category rule. The world class service, cabin crew in red skirt, gourmet food, personal valet, great lounge, in-flight entertainment. All this put together has allowed consumers to truly experience a great service.
  • Sensory Point - Eye, Touch and Feel
  • Eye - The leggy, sexy, beautiful cabin crews
  • Touch and feel - The food, entertainment, the feeling of being special
Kingfisher Beer - The best Indian beer. Drink it and you know.
  • Sensory Point - Taste
Kingfisher Event - Some of the best events in India. Hot parties, memorable moments. Good times
  • Sensory Point - Feel
So, if you observe this is one brand that touches most of our senses at different time to create an aura/association that we consumers love, remember and care about. And Mr-Richard-Branson-of-India is investing in the right kind of things (Kingfisher is bringing F1 in India) to further enhance these experiences. A perfect example of how a brand can build long term credible values for its consumer.

Can you think of any other brand in India that has managed to do something similar - creating touch points that works so perfectly to build an iconic brand? Do discuss.

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