Saturday, November 24, 2007

is facebook the new play ground

Sure you've a profile on Facebook. Your friends poke you. Now how can brands sit alone. So they've started poking too. Facebook is the new playground. And social networkers ain't complaining.

Have a look here. Also read Iain Tait's post too. It might just make sense for you - Brand Managers of India Inc. to get on board, since young Indians are getting crazy about social networking. Especially young Indians from Tier II/III cities are joining the bandwagon. It's fun and excitement for them. They're spending several hours "adding friends" and being part of "communities" at cyber cafes. A brilliant opportunity for you to connect. Now just find the right way to approach them and they might love you. But careful, don't misuse the platform or else you've to face a social wrath.

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