Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nano Car. Giga Dreams

Tata unveiled the Nano. The USD 2500 car. China must be shocked. It is making news every where. And as usual I’m late in joining the conversation. Well, like everybody it has made me proud as an Indian. Respect for Mr. Ratan Tata has gone up manifold. Made me wonder, how could the team pull it off? It has also made me think what will now happen to 2 wheeler owners. What will happen to Suzuki and Hyundai? What will happen to the category? What will happen to us Indians… Phew!

Amidst all these news flash, headlines and thoughts, some rather different thoughts came to my mind -

"What will be the image of Tata Motors be as a global player? ‘Cheap’ automobile manufacturer from India? Luxury hotels to lowest cost mass car manufacturer - what is the new face of TATA? Will Tata Motors only operate in the Small and Mid segment? Will Tata launch a new car is the luxury sedan class in the near future? Or is the acquisition of Land Rover & Jagaur be an answer to that question. How will the Fiat association help add and build the Tata Motors image? Will Tata Motors join hands with Kingfisher in F1?"

The ‘Nanomobile’… oops… small car bug is about to hit India, big. I say 'India in top gear' but where are the roads? Errr…does Tata Infrastructure Fund got anything to do with it? Ha! ;-)

Maybe another time.

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