Saturday, January 12, 2008


New Year brings new hope and aspiration. The first month you go to work with lot of energy and enthusiasm. The second month you await results of your inputs. By the end of the quarter, you think shit-its- summer-already. Busy is the word, for some reason or the other. Eventually takes time off the poor blog. But here’s the interesting part. Five TISSUE ISSUES from last year, which I really spent, time thinking.
  • “Shut up and listen” as a guiding and working philosophy of the corporate world. What happens then?
  • Smartupidity (I just made this word up, yippy!!) – Smart moves by marketers that is so stupid
  • Understanding the problem - Spending more time on the problem
  • The Ideal not the Idea
  • Experimentation with testing – Your strike rate on gut feel increases and vice versa.

So that was that.

Welcome to a musical Tissue Issue. Ha.

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