Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coffee, Plantation and Walk in the Wilderness

Coffee Flowers
We (myself, Lucille and her mom) went to Madikere, a visit to one of our client's coffee plantation in Coorg to be precise. For me it was working in pleasure, for them it was holidays. And what a three lovely day it was. When your client deals with coffee, it's always better to see and know where and how the coffee beans come from. How is planted, sorted, handed picked, roasted and the whole gamut of it. Enriching - yes, indeed.

We spent the last three days walking through different plantations, wild jungle trails, songs of birds, running behind butterflies, getting drenched in heavy rain and identifying different spices, flora and fauna. In the end, the whole experience was much more than enjoying a hot cuppa. The aromas and after taste gave me answers to so many questions I had in my mind. Clients give you a brief but the way you interpret the problem makes a whole lot of difference. And I just couldn't help but make this trip to understand his problem better. Well, cannot give you more details of what we've come up with but be rest assured, it's kickass.

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Mansi Trivedi said...

Your job is so cool! :)