Thursday, March 06, 2008

One dark night and Fireflies

Blame it on my hectic traveling for posting this so late but the Music Festival at Fireflies was awesome. From 6.00 pm in the evening to 8.00 am in the next morning on the 23rd of February, some 40 kms outside Bangalore on the Kanakpura Road, music came alive. A gathering of some 4000 people in the darkness of the night under the pipal tree, music was the only binding force. My eyes were wide open all night at the musical extravaganza put together by some of the best Indian and international music groups and bands. We danced our way through in the middle of the night with some really foot tapping numbers. Dubbed as the Bangalore Woodstock, Fireflies Music Festival indeed cast a spell on me. It covered a wide range of music from Indian classical, Bengali Baul folk fusion, Qawali, Carnatic Fusion, Jazz, Mystical Sufi music and so much more. And an amazing amazing audience.

Bonny and Kartik Das Baul of Oikyotaan were at their usual best. I also liked the performance by Swarathma. They were really good. Then there was mystical sufi songs by Kabir presented by the two sisters - shit I forgot their names, grrrr. After the festival was over and my shutterbug closed, I started wondering how music in India is slowly changing, rather transforming. The sheer amount of experimentation with genres and style, fusion and fun makes it so very amazing. And how the our generation is taking it all with a big smile and bollywood style hip shake. Well, maybe I should try to write another post on the evolution of modern music in India. Now don't ask me when.

Anyways, like IIM Bangalore's Unmaad, Fireflies is another such musical event that will surely mesmerise you. So next year keep your calenders booked during the last week of February. Fireflies promises more musical extravaganza next year. As Poor planner I get most of my inspirations from this unknown events allows me not only to discover music but connect with people from all across the world. Long live music festivals in India.

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