Monday, May 04, 2009

Back Again

Back. Yes finally am back to blogosphere exactly after one year. Honestly these 365 days have been one big roller coaster ride for me. I am doing okay. Though not everything is all right but what the heck, I can’t get everything I cant, right? Well, I travelled a lot. From June to Sept last year spent time travelling all over India. In October relocated to Paris from Bangalore. Joined Ogilvy. Set up my apartment in October (setting up apartment in Paris – another story for another day). Started discovering Paris and France the next two months (too many things to write, maybe another day – don’t want to bother myself and you with all the details on the first day). Spend a lovely Christmas in the Alps. And finally the New Year arrived. Things started falling apart (don’t ask me what) and I kept fixing them.

From Jan till now, I spent some time traveling to Italy, Switzerland and but mostly working mercilessly. Enrolled myself for French lessons. Made new friends. Lost some of them. Discovering new places in Paris, which are not mentioned in the Lonely Planet. Still in the process of discovering the museums, the monuments, the lovely evening walks in the boulevards, the wine, the cheese, the books, the music, the street music, the metro, the cafĂ©, bars and restaurant, the language, the french people, the french food, their culture, their sub-culture, the youth, the old, the middle class, the rich, the homeless, their society, their fashion, their lives, their behaviour, their complaining attitude towards everything, the endless debates on anything, their raising of voice to prove a point or being heard at a conversation during lunch or dinner, their pseudo-intellectualism, their arrogance, their criticism and raison d’accepter, their sweetness, their politeness and impoliteness, their apathy towards Sarkozy and govt…, the endless delay in handling paperwork in all Govt. dept, the late arrivals to feel important… I am observing and learning. Yes I do love this city, do love the people but haven’t exactly made Paris my home yet. And I miss my dog.
Have plans to visit Spain, Portugal (in the west) and Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Poland in the east… So I might take off again very soon. Depends on how much money I’ve in my pocket too. Always a poor planner, you see.
Yes, I could have done one of those ‘My Life in Paris’ blogs… with pictures and all in the last 6 months. I was accused of becoming a ‘Digital Recluse’ by Charles. He kept asking me what am I doing and when am I coming back? Rob kept in touch sending me mails once in a while asking how am I doing and if everything was alright… But I haven’t forgotten anyone. All this time I have kept myself updated on what happening in other blogs. Discreetly though. So I guess it’s not that bad being away. Kinda gives you a feeling of starting things all over again, afresh. Having said that I think this webpage needs a facelift - don’t you think so???

Alors. So here I am back again. Have some plans about my life, my career, my future and ofcourse this blog. You know mostly boring things which make no difference to anyone’s life… things like what I want to do next? What are the things I really care about? What are new things I am learning? What are new things I am doing?

Well, enough about myself. How have you guys been? Well, do anyone read this blog any more? I guess not. Anyways, do write back and let me know, how things are going at your end. Let’s begin a new journey together from today.



Rob @ Cynic said...

Nice to have you back ... now don't go for so long again! :)

pooR_Planner said...

Thank you Rob. No this time am quiet clear in my head. Won't be gone for long, I promise.