Saturday, May 30, 2009

I want my Lady Noire

The Lady Noire Affair. The lovely lovely Marion Cotillard (gros gros bisous, bébe). Branded content at its best by Dior. Indeed content is the king. Am sure there will be a series, coming out Rouge very soon, maybe a Blanche or a Vert or a Bleu in the days to come. You can follow Lady Noire on Twitter here. Or join the Facebook fan club. Or simply buy the DVD's when they are released.

Good content - always leaves you wanting for more. Remember the craze BMW Films (starring Clive Owens) started few years back. I just love the idea of making 'brand cinema,' it is much more engaging and entertaining than a 30 sec TVC. And it is thousand times more interesting than in-film product/brand placement. Why place products for few seconds when you can create an entire brand film.

Though not a strong argument, I agree and you will give examples like Taxi (the film) made Peugeot 406 famous or how after watching The Bourne Identity fans just got behind a Mini Cooper, or the legendary story of Easy Rider and Harley Davidson. But there's a huge difference between in-film placement and Brand Cinema. The Night in the Museum, not only made the American Museum of Natural History famous, number of visitors increased too.

If automobile brands have done it successfully, outdoor gear brands can do it, hotels and resorts can do it, food brands can do it, Pet food brands can do it, heck even the banks and financial sector can get into making successful cinema as part of their marketing communication strategy. its about how open minded you are as a marketer and to what extent will you gamble. Personally, I like the idea of Brand Cinema. Now how well you execute is a different ball game which i won't get into but its possible as long as the content is interesting.

Nice work from Dior and I love that Lady Marion.

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