Tuesday, June 02, 2009

summer... beaches... bushes... hedges...

It's summer. It's recession. It's ok we do understand you (marketers) need to innovate and open new opportunities for yourselves, but Pubic Hair? Are you kidding me? You mean jobless men and women in US and UK have grown lots of bushes and hedges that needs cleaning. That's the new market you've identified. Shaving blade for Pubic Hair in the disguise of body cleaning as future growth potential. Bloody brilliant. I love my industry.
So Wilkinson Quattro has identified women as their target audience. Asking them to mow their lawn and decorate their hedges for summer.

While Gillette thinks its better to talk to men and show them ways to make their trees look taller.

Interesting times call for interesting actions. Hien? What about the shrubs in ma butt hole ???

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