Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello, Hello

Don't laugh, when I say, "Straight from Paris to Powai." Ok, pooR_Planner is in your city now. B@$%&*#$. :)

Yes. Moved to Mumbai. Thought will update all of you those who still follow this crap site. I'll be in this on-off mode for quite some more time I guess. Actually enjoying it. So I'l be gone again very soon. Don't know when you'll hear from me next.

Spent the last two months in the hills of Himachal and Uttarkhand. Had a severe fall. At about 8000 feet trying to manage a bend. Spent twenty day in the hospital fixing my broken bones and wounded face. Feel much better now thinking, 'Fuck, I survived yet again!' Trust me, you can't capture that feeling in words.
Its like this ... Boom... Black... I'm fucking alive... Check yourself in the mirror... Shit its bleeding bad... Wash...Sit down... Call ambulance... Start shivering... Black again!!!

Anyways. So that's about it.

Finally, I thought I'll start writing again for few days, which may or may not make sense.

So here's what I think makes sense.

I'm impressed by the guy in this video. He is a taxi driver and he's promoting himself as a tour guide too. All at a very nominal price and service charge. Clear proposition

He has identified the right media for the right target audience with the right message. Clear delivery channel. Why - Because foreign tourist generally research more about places they're about to visit using the internet.

And don't laugh at his ascent, or english grammer. That's not his mother tongue so excuse him the embarassement. At least he got balls, give him credit.

Clear target audience - The foreign tourists visit North India. (He doesnt know about adsense, tags, technorati but knows what he has on offering)

His difference/USP - As an individual he can give better personalised service than others, read tour operators.

End Result - Bang on communication. 23k hits. Great Comments. And am sure, chances are he's getting lots of mail in his inbox. Anyways.

The bigger point is, I actually met one of his kind this time in the hills, the guy who drove us through those treachrous mountainous roads. At 52 yrs, he was desperate to crack the internet code in his life, because his other friends are earning more using it. But I think he was suffering from that initial media phobia or fear of not being knowledgeable about the mechanism of this media. I suggested him the same solution that Devesh Misra did, without having the knowledge that someone has already done what I suggested. So when I later checked out myself and found this video, I was little disappointed with having the feeling of not being original but I was atleast happy knowing the fact, the idea works since it seems to be working for someone.

Having said all the above, here's the final TISSUE IDEA. Hang on! Listen, you better send me the cheque before you use it to win your next big pitch and become famous. Cocks. You wont pay me neither ways. Like the the one I wrote here years back and how Wal-Mart India is using it today. WHERE'S MY bloody CHEQUE??? Fine, be good and send me a box of chocolate at least. $#@%@ :) ;)

Fine, fine. Here's the TISSUE IDEA:
1. Find out the number of person available or willing to render these personalised services.
2. Ask a brand (e.g. Lonely Planet, Google Maps, Trip Advisor, Samsonite, Patagonia) to sponsor him.
3. Train him the basics of being a honest, helpful, highly professional tour guide and accrediting him with a certificate of merit
4. Once a trained Tour Guides, they promote the brands and becomes voice person of the brand
5. By doing this simple excercise, those poor drivers become self sufficient, which is the CSR angle you can play as a brand too. F*&^%$# But more importantly they can become a new model of revenue steam for your company. To know this part of the story, you gotta write to me. Ha.


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See you soon.


Kapil said...

hey roop, good to see you back in action and hopefully read a lot more ideas in here.

pooR_Planner said...

Hey Kapil, good to hear from you after such a long time. How you doing? Let's catch up sometime, now that am in your city. And keep reading.


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