Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Egypt - The rise of Social Media Revolution

The latest developments in Egypt can become the new face of Social Revolution in the ear of Social Media. Surprisingly with several instances of people and society coming together to raise their voice against oppression, corruption and government wrong doings signifies an emerging trend - Social Media influenced Revolution.

Examples like:
  • The Red Brigade taking over central business district of Bangkok, Thailand last year.
  • Uprising in Tunisia against Ben Ali and people using social media to spread the word.
  • The civil unrest in Kyrgyzstan and the spreading the news through social media.
  • Suu Kyi's supporters using Social Media to raise awareness of the oppression and her house arrest.
  • Thousands of people gathering near The Gateway of India after the 26/11 Mumbai attack coming together after spreading the message on Social Media
  • Thousands of people sending Pink Chaddi's (Pink underwear) to RSS & VHP supporters against their inhuman action on Valentine's Day in Bangalore.
  • Finally Wikileaks taking on Govt. of the world by releasing tapes and classified documents.
What is the new role of Social Media? Can Social Media become the most important channel when it comes to raising voice against wrong doings? Can Social Media become the platform for Social Revolutions? How will Social Media affect Govt. branding? How will it impact government functioning? Will Social Media finally bring in transparency at every level?

Well, these developments are serious issues with greater impact on the way we live our lifes, the code of conduct for govts., the economic state of affairs, etc. Think over. And please do share your views with me.

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