Thursday, February 03, 2011

Honda Jazz - Binding communication and interaction.

Wieden + Kennedy are claiming a TV first by supporting the spot with an iPhone App that turns a regular TV ad into an interactive viewing experience. Created in conjunction with Gravity Mobile, London, it allows viewers to interact with the TV spot on their handset, catching the animated characters as they appear on screen.

Amazing example of how effectively technology can be used to bring together communication and interactivity. But I still ask the same question, how many people will actually engage, having engaged will they purchase the car? Or maybe people up north have plenty of time. Or maybe it's targeted at kids to pester their parents buy the Honda Jazz. Who knows? Anyways.

Back home you get to see this on telly

When I see these two TVC's from the same brand, coming across from two different countries and agencies, I believe its a better marketing strategy for Honda to use 'teenage-pester-power' to persuade the actual buyer who is often the father (stereotype though :-). iPhone App + Interactive TVC + Teenage Pester Power = Dad buying the car. Ha!

Good job W+K. Welcome to optimism.

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