Monday, February 21, 2011

Good times indeed

The wave of change has hit the MENA nationals hard. What an amazing time. People power at its best. But I didn't know John R. Bradley, author of Inside Egypt (2008) predicted long ago, a social revolution is about to happen in that region. I haven't read the book yet so I cant say much but it makes me wonder, planners should have the ability to predict changes with precise timelines too. Over throwing regimes vs. over throwing market leader. It's all about the marketplace end of the day. Ability to predict doesn't mean writing trend reports, ability to predict means doing/ implementing tangible social experiments to judge the socio-cultural undercurrents. From precise prediction to visible ripples in the market. Then comes the strike rate of correct prediction.

Makes me ask so many questions about the changes we're going through. People actually haven't come to terms with the chain of events happening around us. Will the MENA/ GCC region create its own currency now? Will GCC truly become an effective Union? Wonder what role will Iran play? What about Turkey and Saudi Arabia? What will be Israel's role in the whole game plan? OMG... things are quiet fucked up.

Ha. Planning is fun.

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