Friday, April 22, 2011

Cannes 2011 - Is it the year of Independent Small Agencies?

Cannes 2011 is coming and am sure you're all waiting for good news. 2011 seems like the year of small agencies. Small agencies with big, bold and brave work.

Here are some of the best works of 2011:
1. Adidas: Sid Lee, Amsterdam
2. Chrysler: W+K, Portland
3. Volkswagen: Deutsch, USA
4. Jim Beam: Strawberry Frog, NY
5. DirecTV: Grey, NY
6. All State: Leo Burnett, Chicago
7. BBC Books: Unknown
8. Ray-Ban: Cutwater, San Francisco
9. Method + Virgin America: Unknown
Enjoy. Btw, which one do you think will walk out with the top prize?

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