Thursday, April 07, 2011

Did Tata Tea miss out it's biggest opportunity?

Tata Tea made news in India when they launched their 'Jaago Re' campaign. Everyone started talking about Tata Tea and their bold stance against corruption.
But today when Anna Hazare at the age of 72 yrs is going on a 'Dharna' and pledged to 'Fast till Death' to make India Corruption Free and pass the Lokpal Bill, it seems Tata Tea itself is suffering from TBTC (Too Busy to Care). Ha. Social media is buzzing with the news, news channels are beaming live, the events. But Tata Tea is nowhere to be seen.
Words like 'Brand Movements,' 'Social Brand,' 'Doing Good' sounds good when it comes to pick up metals and Effies. Brands often fall into these traps of finding a cultural insight and doing good. They stand up for something which is often superficial and when the right opportunity comes, they duck. Today is the biggest day for Tata Tea's 'Jaago Re' but they've missed the boat. Will the people of India ever believe in 'Jaago Re' anymore?

Anyways. Corruption is indeed eating up India. Corruption has been institutionalized in India and at every level, in every department, in every govt. bodies. It's the biggest hindrance to our nations growth. So stand up. Log on to India Against Corruption and make yourself heard on their Facebook Page. Support the cause, the right cause, a good cause for yourself and your future generation.

Stand up India. Do good.


Cinnamon said...

agree with you roop. although with brands it's tricky to take part in a real movement! we must not forget they are commercial ventures at the end of the day!

social cause based advertising in most cases is salad dressing for them. with ratan tata himself under the 2G scam ambivalent whether Tata Tea cud have jumped into this whole heartedly...

it's kinda complicated..

pooR_Planner said...

Exactly my point Manish. When a brand htakes a stance even for commercial purpose, they should be true to it. Now I do know that this is a tricky situation for the Tata Group given, they've got pulled into the 2G scam but as a consumer I've lost faith on Tata Tea. I won't be enamored by their Jaago Re anymore. And am sure millions others wont either. So what does this teach us? Don't take up causes and issues as part of your brand strategy which you cannot do justice too.

Its indeed complicated.