Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fun social media tools for you

Now if you're a social media cool hunter, here are some interesting tools which let's you explore different things.

Evernote: This is your moleskin notebook on the cloud. make notes, stick photos, add videos, scribble your thoughts and access it anywhere. Works on any device, works from anywhere and its fun. Try it.

Klout: Klout let's you understand your clout on social media. Type in your twitter username and you can see the level of influence you have on others. Neat analysis.

SocMetrics: Similar to Klout, SocMetrics helps you understand the key social media influencers' and how to engage them in various social media marketing plans.

Rypple: Tool for HR Managers and teams to stay connected with their work. Pretty useful I must say after using it for almost 10 days.

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social media calendar said...

Great post, thank you. I think this will be of real interest. Metrics and measurement is a real passion of mine.