Thursday, May 12, 2011

The future of Shopper Marketing in India - Part 2

In my previous post on the Future of Shopper Marketing in India, I started with asking some questions. Some are random questions which came to my mind, some were questions from the observations I had, few from all the time I spent visiting stores, some from all the travel I did in the recent months and more questions about how as marketers and communication strategist we're tackling the moment of truth - when a shopper is inside the store to buy you?

Shopper marketing is a huge mash-up of engagement, experience, convenience, intelligence, insights, design, architecture, aisle browsing, visualization, technology, mobile apps, QR codes, shopping coupons, vouchers, loyalty program, bargains, and plenty of other things in between. So it becomes difficult to describe in few words. But if I had to explain shopper marketing to my mom, I would say its "the energy spent in giving you an experience to engage with brands inside the store that makes you browse, choose or buy things that was not in your shopping list." Ha, am sure mom will give an unconvincing nod and get back doing her stuff. Anyways.

If it is all about the experience to attract, engage and make a shopper buy, then trust me, technology has to be your biggest ally. What I mean by that is, you need to understand, tinker, experiment and play with different kinds of technologies to achieve your objective. And here's what I mean by that:
Hell, we're now talking about 3D holographic boxes to seriously tamper with your realities. Via (Bit Rebels)
Well, I'm not even half through my research and I kid you not, its a bloody huge subject. Your mind is completely fucked at the end of it but you do emerge enlightened. Watch out for more. Cheers.


Vijay Singh said...

"the energy spent in giving you an experience to engage with brands inside the store that makes you browse, choose or buy things that was not in your shopping list." - Well said Roop, enjoyed the two informative posts. Look forward to your further research finds.

And will quote this on our PRO site.

pooR_Planner said...

Thank you so much Vijay. How you doing? Any plans to enter the Indonesian Market? We should catch up next time I'm in Mumbai. Or just buzz me if you coming to Singapore/ Jakarta.


Priyanka said...


your post made for an interesting read. Am looking forward to more.

I have a query which I hope you will answer; why does shopper marketig always revolve around Malls ad modern retail when the reality is that we as Indian will cotinue to shop in our haats, bazaars and local markets for atleast the next fifty years if not more.

pooR_Planner said...

Hi Priyanka,
Glad you liked my post. Keep coming back.

Well, Shopper Marketing was developed to understand Shopper's behaviour at the moment of truth in the US where retail exists in its modern avatar. As the Shopper Marketing discipline started evolving and with the help of technology (Barcode, RFID, QR Code, Eye Tracking, Aisle Tracking, Packaging, Placement etc.) more emphasis was given to modern channels. Having said this, Shopper Marketing companies realized that Asia is a completely new ball game. So enough amount of research and studies and technology have gone in over the last decade to develop Shopper marketing into a more holistic tool. So traditional trade (mom-n-pop, kirana, open haats, bazzars, sunday markets, farmers market etc.) is very much part of today's Shopper Marketing repertoire. It depends on which companies/ agencies have the right tool/ systems in place to measure the shopper effectiveness in traditional trade.

Hope I have managed to answer your question.