Monday, May 21, 2012

Make It Count - EPIC

So Nike Does it again. Bigger and bigger. Naah, it epic this time. They really know how to make it count.  Enjoy.

The fight between local and global brands in Indonesia

Driving 2020 Vision and Content Excellence

Now this is what I'm living, breathing everyday. Liquid and Linked. Kinda driving me crazy but also keep me awake and alive everyday :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

The few good ones from India

2011 is coming to an end. So I thought, I'll keep a record of some of the good work that happened from India for future reference. Some really did wonders to the brand, few were just okay while others didn't cut much ice with me. Anyways.

1. Indigo Airlines:
Brilliant work from W+K, India. They indeed raised the bar since they had to continue with what they started with. The brief was simple - Indigo Airlines - Always On- time. What W+K managed to do was further their previous creativity to newer heights.


2. Vodafone:
Great work as usual from Ogilvy, India. However, the 'Blackberry Boys' had a far better entertainment quotient than 'Always on Facebook.' Unlike Indigo, Vodafone fell in the trap of format for creative excellence and that why "Always on Facebook" was a little setback.


3. Airtel:
Since Airtel left Y&R, they lost their previous creative edge however, JWT India managed to create one decent commercial that connected well with the youth. "Endless Goodbye" was a nice execution however it didn't do much for the brand which already enjoy top of mind awareness. The "All friends are important" TVC by Taproot however was different and did the job. So 9 out of 10.


4. Coca Cola:
Always happy. Always entertaining. McCann did a great job and the advertisement did the job wonderfully. Link scores were the highest. Strangely when the global "Brrrr" commercial was adapted for the Indian market, the magic disappeared and the link scores were lower. Anyways. The point still remains when its a Television commercial, the only thing that matters is the entertainment quotient.


There were plenty more. but honestly none of them were up to the mark. So the winning formula in India is still Bollywood. Song and dance does work however if the context is right. As we move forward to 2012 and IMC becomes the buzz word for agencies in India, the one thing to remember when only thinking of creating TVC is the Entertainment Quotient. TV is a medium for entertainment, keep it that way. Give all your product details, functional benefits, brand intrinsic's etc. on another appropriate medium.

Well, too many 2012 trends floating around all over, so I'll spare you with my thoughts on that. Enjoy your holidays, have tons of fun and do great next time. Happy New Year to you all.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Demographics of Social Media in Infographics

Interesting. Check it here and here.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank you for smoking

Good work from India.Don't know the name of the agency though. I smoke and I want to quit.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion Tags

Facebook Tags can be an effective device for marking fans for a brand. This is what is referred to as Social Currency of a brand. Good work by Duval Guillaume. Now though the idea has become common, they managed to find a sweet spot for Flair magazine.

Hacking screens or the future of stealth media

This is brilliant. Tough time for traditional media agencies indeed.
Can you imagine the possibilities. If only we had a small device that can be attached to our Smart Phone and then beam our personal classified ads on any screen? Fucking George :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Travel together

Good work Duval Guillaume.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bubble Sheet Recession

A friend shared this video and asked me a very smart question - When crisis is beyond what the text books teaches us, how do you handle it the most effective way?
Having seen the video, I was wondering if the media agencies, traditional media companies, and content production units are well equipped to tackle the monster called digital integration into their core offering and recover from the media crisis?