Sunday, April 22, 2007

Goafest #4 - Being Brave

Thirasak Tanapatanakul, the celebrated ECD of Creative Juice\G1 showed us how to be brave. He showed us how he is 'Being Brave in Bangkok.' He has some wonderful, awe inspiring, great pieces of creative work in his portfolio. Something that was so thought provoking that the audience could not stop applauding, again and again.

How to be true to your cultural and create great works - should have been the ideal name of his presentation. And that's exactly what Trevor Beattie mentioned later to us in his presentation. No need to copy formats from the west when you have millions of indigenous cultural cues to bank upon. Being in the business of creative communication, shouldn't we do that more often.

His works on Bangkok Insurance, Chiclets, Wrangler Jeans are hilarious yet straight to the point. Strategy meets creativity and vice versa. That is the way it should be.

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