Thursday, May 31, 2007

Old Idea, New Inspiration

I'm sure you must have noticed the ad above in the Times of India off late. Lux Coffee Table Book is all about the gorgeous Divas of Indian Cinema. Lux is a soap for the Cine Stars. Bollywood Diva's have endorsed Lux for ages in every piece of their communication. The Coffee Book from Lux is an extremely beautiful way to engage consumers. Though an old idea but in the Indian context it is really a great thinking from the agency and the marketer and executed in a brilliant manner. Suddenly Unilever seem to be doing all the right marketing tricks to woe consumer in India. Isn't it?

Honestly, it feels good to see the marketing guys at Unilever pushing the boundaries of traditional media and creating cutting edge communication. Well, what's next is my question. After the Lux Coffee Table, will they explore other avenues? For example, a Photography Exhibition of Bollywood Diva's or create a Lux Diva Museum which has all memorabilia of the Stars etc etc.

Good work and do keep it up. Consumers today want more of what you are doing.

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