Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekly Issue #3 - Digital Domain

Is the Digital Domain the new playing ground of advertising agencies in India? Are Indian advertising agencies trying hard to catch up in the Digital space offering solutions to their clients? Are Indian advertising agencies visionary enough to think beyond 30 second spots and 200 cc ads?
Write back to me what you feel about this industry issue. It would be great if you can share with me few examples to make your point.

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Anonymous said...


Though the issue is about digital domain i would like to bring in a tissue issue to this this industry attracting good talents to think beyond??...are guys passionate enough to get in to advertising..??? i dont think so...the industry is growing at the rate of 14% but i still beleive this industry is very poor at attracting talents...this industry looks glamorous from outside....but poor pays and many factors does not make this industry look attractive..nobody from any big b school is ready to get in to this field...yes there are piyush pandeys and prasoon joshi's and recent rajiv-(late) mahesh duo and recent mudra young team is also there...but for next generation this field cannot attract quality talents till it pays huge and recognises talents..if that issue is solved indian ad agencies would be visionary enough to think beyond 30 second spots and 200 cc ads...quality talent matters..i know i have diverted the topic but still i felt i should say this....