Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Poor Put-offs #2

Client's Board Room, 16.46 Hrs

Client (Marketing Head): Your previous strategic cum creative route is not cutting ice. I need four options.
Agency Head: Why what’s wrong with the present one.

Client: Nothing unique for a brand which is being newly launched.
Agency Head: But you approved the same.

Client: That was during the product development stage.
Agency Head: What you mean?

Client: I mean you need to show me four options.
Agency Head: Otherwise?
Client: You lose the bloody business.

Client Service Head: No problem Sir, it will be done

Planner: You mean, one essence, four execution or is it four essence and equal quantity creative outputs, is that what you mean?

Creative Head: Are you crazy??
Account Executive: Shit man, another week in office canteen

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Anbuchezhian said...

Hey Roop

That was a cool one. Why dont you start posting on thotblurb too?