Friday, November 02, 2007

Indian Terrain - Characteristics Lost

We do understand, fashion advertising today has become more of a catalogue than advertising, displaying shirts and suits in its fullest glory. Every brand does the same and that's exactly what Indian Terrain has decided to do. let me know if I'm wrong. But hey, what's in it for me? Just because you have Kunal Kapoor as the face of your brand, doesn't mean anything to me nor to anyone. Why will someone buy you? Why will I choose Indian Terrain over other brands? Does Indian Terrain have a belief system, something that consumers believe too? Are you trying to be cool by simply showing his cool attitude. Do you think the photography will do all the talking? Huh. This ad rather reminds me more of Milind Soman in Excalibur - more manly, more macho, more cool.

Wonder what will happen to the brand when Kunal decides to shave and cut his hair short?


Spiritualmanager said...

I guess direction of communication is very important in celebrity advertisement. I mean whether the celebrity in promoting the brand or the brand is promoting the celebrity.Just a point of view.

Mansi Trivedi said...

That's the problem. People become lazy when it comes to using celebrities. Shouldn't it be the other way round since you are spending millions, you might as well make sure you get the highest recall. This one is so easy to ignore in spite of good photography. But even good photography is a given now a days. Nothing exceptional. Love the brand name though. They could do so much more with it.

Arun said...

When Indian Terrain brand was launched i was excited to see what they have for me. And then I walked into the store and saw their collection. They have an amazing collection of exotic designs. You need to see it to believe it. You get comfort fit, world class design and value for money.