Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Using secrecy to create a brand aura

Sean Brennan talks about how secrecy can be a potent tool in building brand aura in the age of information. Interesting point of view.

However, I have just one point to make:
A secret is not a secret when its revealed. Ultimate aim of a brand is to communicate and propagate its products and services to make profits through consumer connection. So how can a brand keep its offering secret? In most cases brands will use secrecy as a launch tool the way LOST or Gmail started or even some high-end designer luxury brands does - by invitation only but that remains a smart marketing move. Brands have used teaser campaigns to launch themselves since the early days of advertising to create an aura and hype. Therefore how different it is from what Mr. Brennan is trying to say?

I do agree that brands need to create an aura around them. I also agree that it pays to create a buzz of mystery around it. It pays to create a mystery which in turn can lead to premium pricing and the demand - supply game. But a brand cannot remain secret. There is a fundamental flaw in that argument. The purpose of a brand is to propagate hence secrecy can never become a long-term competitive advantage for a brand.

What do you think?

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